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how to get a soccer scholarship to college

how to get a soccer scholarship to college?
i live in Australia and i want to pursue a career in sport. i have been the captain of my school soccer team for 4 years. i was just wondering what are my options and what i should do. doesn't necessarily have to be a scholarships but i defiantly would like to study in another country and experience new cultures. just wanted to know what kind of things i should do to maybe even get into college in USA.
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have you tried being awesome at soccer?
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Show 'em you're tits!
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NAIA and NCAA Soccer scholarships About Soccer Recruiting and how to apply for a Scholarship The information and tools on this web site are free. This page contains specific information about college soccer scholarships. The tools and information you need to successfully apply can be found on this site. Click on the links on the right of the page for further soccer recruiting information. With hard work, and the information and tools we provide, you can attain your goal and play college sport. Not all athletic scholarships are full ride like football and basketball, so called "head count sports"; most are classed as "equivalency sports', like soccer. Put simply this means that coaches can" share" their allocation between a larger number of players. This is good news for the players. If we take women's soccer as an example we see that a coach can divide the "12" scholarships between a larger number of soccer players. Say 25 partial scholarships instead of 12 full ride. Home. About Us. FAQ's. Timeline. Tools. $250 Essay Competition. Articles. Clearinghouse. College Recruiting. NCAA Recruiting. NCAA Sports History. Resources. Sports History. What do I send to the coach. How do I contact the coach. Funny Sports Stories. The NCAA allows each division 1 soccer program 9.9 scholarships for men and 12 for women. In division 2 the ratio is 9 for men and 9.9 for women. If you are good enough of course then a full ride soccer scholarship is always on the cards. Women's soccer is one of the fastest growing intercollegiate sports mainly due to the application of TITLE IX so there are many opportunities out there for women. There are a number of things that you can do to increase you chances of playing soccer at college level. It is important that you play for a good club as well as for your high school. You MUST, MUST, MUST get involved with the Olympic Development Program (ODP). Tryouts are open to club members and if you make your state team then your well on your way. Participation in the ODP has helped many soccer players get recruited. There is more chance of being spotted at a ODP regional camp than a local high school game. The ODP gives you access to regional and national camps and hence much greater exposure. Your "Soccer Scholarship Resume" will look a whole lot better with the inclusion of your ODP participation. Many fine young soccer players are overlooked each year because they didn't submit their soccer scholarship resume to the "right" colleges or left out vital information. It̢۪s also a fact that many colleges simply don't allocate all of their soccer recruiting funds because "suitable" athletes didn't approach them.

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